Safeguard Your Belongings with a Large Key Safe

Lockable wall mount key cabinet 200 keys


size 326 L X 131 W X 443 H mm
packing Q'TY: 3pcs / carton
nw 20.4 KG
gw 21.4 KG
cuft 3.5

Our large key safe features a secure cylinder key lock and comes with two keys, providing authorized access to your valuables. It is supplied with 200 colored plastic key tags with labels, allowing you to easily organize and identify your items. Explore the security and convenience of our large key safe today.

Designed with security in mind, our large key safe offers a spacious interior to accommodate your valuables. Its robust construction and high-quality materials provide superior protection against theft and damage. The versatility of our large key safe makes it suitable for various settings, including offices, shops, and homes. It includes wall fixings, allowing you to securely mount it in your desired location for quick and convenient access to your valuables.

As a trusted manufacturer in the industry, we understand the importance of keeping your belongings safe. Shop our large key safe today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are secure. Protect your belongings with our reliable and feature-rich large key safe, designed to meet your needs.

1. 200 different keys
2. Seamless steel for durability
3. With cylinder lock and 2 keys
4. High quality PE key tags
5. Number label included
6. Easy to install on the wall
7. For workshop, office, business, school and hospital

The key cabinet is the ideal solution for organizing and storing up to 200 keys. Constructed from durable powder coated steel, the key cabinet is secure and reliable. 
The cylinder lock ensures that keys are always safe and sound. 
The key cabinet also come with colored key tags, making it easy to keep track of your keys. 
Fixings are included so that the key cabinet can be bolted to a wall.

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