Secure Your Keys with Advanced Digital Key Safes

Electronic lock 36 key cabinet with removable keyracks


size 220L x 99W x 315H mm
packing Q'TY: 6pcs per carton
nw 18.7KG
gw 19.7KG
meas 2.5CUFT

Our digital key safes, with a size of 220L x 99W x 315H mm, offer ample space for your key storage needs. Each safe is equipped with 36 key storage slots, allowing for efficient organization. The durable construction of the safe ensures long-lasting protection for your keys. Explore our digital key safe solutions for secure and organized key management.

Equipped with an easily resettable digital key safe, our key safes offer enhanced security. The advanced high-quality keypad includes an LED indicator for easy operation. For added convenience, two master keys are included as a backup option. Each digital key safe includes adjustable key racks to accommodate different key lengths. High-quality clear acrylic key tags and labels are included, allowing for easy key identification. The inclusion of wall fixings makes installation quick and hassle-free.

Our digital key safes are suitable for office, shop, and home use. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our advanced key storage solution. Shop now and secure your keys with our reliable digital key safes. Trust in our products, designed to simplify your key management needs while providing top-notch security.

1. 36 key storage cabinet
2. Easily resettable electronic combination lock
3. Advanced high quality keypad with LED Indicator and 2 master keys
4. Adjustable keyracks to accommodate different key lengths
5. High quality clear acrylic key tags and label included
6. Wall fixings included
7. Suitable for office, shop and home use

The DKB-36 is a secure key storage cabinets holding 36 keys. With a high quality resettable digital lock, that is also supplied with key override.
Featuring strong steel construction and a continuous piano hinge, secured by dual locking points to stop door being easily forced like on cheaper key cabinets.
You can change the entry code easily as often as you'd like.

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