Secure 4-Digit Combination Lock Box for Convenient Storage

4-digit combination lock 50 keys cabinet


size 253L X 105W X 360Hmm
packing Q'TY: 5pcs per carton
nw 19.0KG
gw 20.0KG
meas 2.1CUFT

As a leading manufacturer in the field of portable safe boxes, we at shyhru take pride in offering top-of-the-line products to meet your security needs. Our 4 digit combination key lock box provides a convenient and secure solution for storing your valuables. With its compact size of 253L X 105W X 360Hmm, it offers ample space while being easy to handle. One of the key features of our lock box is the resettable 4 digit combination key lock box, which provides enhanced security. 
Installation is a breeze with the included wall fixings. You can securely mount the 4 digit combination key lock box to any wall, ensuring stability and easy access. When it comes to quality, our 4 digit combination key lock box exceeds expectations. The lock box comes with a net weight of 19.0KG and a gross weight of 20.0KG, ensuring sturdiness and durability. For your convenience, the 4 digit combination key lock box is packed with 5 units per carton, with a measurement of 2.1CUFT.

Choose our 4 digit combination key lock box to secure your valuables with peace of mind. With its reliable locking mechanism, adjustable keyracks, and convenient features, it is the perfect solution for storing keys in offices, shops, and homes. 

1. 50 key storage cabinet
2. Resettable 4-digit combination lock with 2 master keys
3. Adjustable keyracks to accommodate different key lengths
4. High quality PP plastic key tags and label included
5. Wall fixings included
6. Suitable for office, shop and home use

The MKB-50 is a secure key storage cabinets holding 50 keys. With a resettable 4-digit mechanical combination lock, that is also supplied with key override.
Featuring strong steel construction and a continuous piano hinge, the keyracks are repositionable that can match keys of different sizes. 
Change of the entry code can be made easily by a switch inside the cabinet.

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